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Just thought to myself that twitter could easily have made money by creating lists/feeds of reporters and newspapers and then charging a small subscription fees from users who want targeted, smart, and timely content instead of constantly pushing the lists feature away. This would have brought newspapers to the new age faster than the stumbling ways they adopt now and would have been an instant win for twttr but they chose to destroy value instead of create it. Oh well.

A cummerbund is a kind of sash and not a kind of belt... so I've learnt thanks to the NYT crossword...

In the new Kindle Oasis, would it be possible to listen to reading music while reading text? Bluetooth headphones and all...

which is correct -
"yesterday, both Jack and I were running"
"yesterday, both Jack and I was running" ??

SO insisted on 'upgrading' to iOS 11 to get the new watchOS. The change was nice, but I quietly turned off HEIF photos on the device. No reason to tie down into Apple's gamble so early in the game.

Did I see Dieter Bohn sporting a Levi's in his Pixel 2 review?? Wonder how that's going!

Hahahaha! LinkedIn wants me to login to read a blogpost. is awesome to look up movies to watch with parents... :D :D

Facebook Ad preferences -> Your Info -> Your Categories

This page shows what FB tells advertisers your political leaning is, whether you run an FB page, whether you're a Gmail user.