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I have an app called Periscope on my Apple TV. It's been there a while. Haven't opened it in forever. Maybe I should delete it?

testing. testing. To see if I can post on properly.

Manifest on Netflix is some seriously lazy piece of writing. Why couldn't they just do a little more work on the script before vomiting it on us?

I guess I have TPM 2.0 in my PC...

For anybody teetering at close to 90% full storage in GMail etc, Google Photos is essentially dead. You can no longer upload "normal" sized pics/videos that Google will ignore. The end of Google Photos, basically. Good product, killed by bait-n-switch.

Am I understanding this right - PowerShell in Windows has a curl command, but it's not curl but a shitty wrapper around the Invoke-WebRequest command? Can the Windows folks please stop ruining everything that's good in the world?

"Siri wants to open Prime Video"

Yeah I just clicked the button, Apple TV. You don't have to make everything so difficult!

sooner or earlier? Which do you prefer?

IFTTT seems to have broken in a spectacular fashion today. I wonder if it's just broken filters sending me about a 100 emails, or some real PII data issues too.

TIL the plug-in that was interfering with my WordPress iOS app talking to my WordPress blog was jetpack itself. Bah! Removed it for now. I like jetpack for the features it provides. But I like the app more.