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I noticed that Apple AppStore allows you to add money to your account to spend on IAPs and media.That's good for parents who want to limit the amount of money their kids spend on these,but makes one wonder if this is just Apple's way of asking for more of your money in holding?

Time and time again, it is proved beyond doubt that Slack is the absolute worst way to communicate. You'd have less confusion with carrier pigeons.

Samsung being the King of SSD and on-device is going to be really something in the coming years, even though Cloud storage buckles that .

iOS is truly converging with . Was getting a call that showed on my watch but not on the phone. No way to pick it up quietly. Merging your oppo's seems like an odd choice for .

Had anyone seen this on iOS 11.4.1 that if you click on the Bedtime feature in the Clock app, it hangs up the app?

How do I stop Facebook from giving me 16 notifications every time I visit about how everyone I know has posted a new link? It's irritating.

Used Firefox Lockbox first time today to quickly retrieve a password I'd forgotten. But FF, I hope you know the real killer features would be password generation and Safari/app tie-ins.

Spotify needs to allow bookmarks for podcasts. I know it doesn't really fall in it's space, but just timestamps would be a huge help!

Just today I was talking about how if ever comes up with a x-platform manager, it'll blow everything else out the water, and then I discover Lockbox. Perfect timing!

Final test.