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cPanel doing AutoSSL is kinda cool. Most people (like me) don't need to lift a finger and their hosted sites are just serving up SSL :)

I've become so used to Confluence's 'e' for edit shortcut that often I'm on my WordPress blog and I'll hit 'e' and wonder why it's not working. Muscle memory is evil.

Cloudflare's memcrashed issue shows DigitalOcean to be one of the biggest DDOS contributors. I checked my own server and it was vulnerable! This is the kind of thing that needs email notifications to resolve quickly!

Today, I've begun book 15 of War and Peace. It took me over a year to get to this point. There are two epilogues after this final chapter!

How much of House of Cards is influenced by Macbeth?

It's fun when you have an idle question and the internet has already answered it, in depth -

Podcast listeners, do your apps have a feature where, if you double tap your phone while you're listening, it bookmarks that moment so you can revisit it later?

Since AMP is open source, has any RSS feed reader implemented the entire thing to make loading articles super fast?

The @bluetigercoffee vans in Seattle look more like a blue zebra! 😂

It sucks that Apple News has all this potential to be a built-in RSS feed reader, but it needs a special format and doesn't just straight up support feeds.