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Of course the Facebook iOS app doesn't have a feature that allows me to list my friends by "recently added". Because making tools useful for people would be a dumb thing to do, right, Zuck?

nginx gurus, can I have a split config in sites-available such that default has server_name, fileA has "location /a", fileB has "location /b" etc? Care to point me to a link please? TIA!

I just realized that while we've had non-state actors for a while now in the international sphere, with crypto, we've got a non-state economy, and the ability to create multiple such economies. I wonder where that will lead us?

Just saw Dieter Bohn's notifications video and wow. Useless. Just focusing on one positive for Android and one negative for iOS is *not* the way to go Dieter. Focus on the fix.

It's always a blessing to stare out at Lake Washington on my way back home. The sky and lake play out a myriad scenes and the scenery slowly moves back, shedding me, as I shed the work day.


I love discovering older gems on the Internet. E.g. this article - came out 6 years ago but is timeless! Found this because someone linked to it via

What was that password manager thingy that allows us to insert passwords into the OS X terminal?

Productivity hack? Open Notepad in Windows, type in some crap, minimize it, forget it. Windows will never restart on its own.

The Firefox Facebook Container extension is revealing some very interesting things. My Spotify and Goodreads logins are through FB and it's a pain to get them back. GR still allowed me to create an FB-less login, but Spotify doesn't seem to have that option.