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Used Firefox Lockbox first time today to quickly retrieve a password I'd forgotten. But FF, I hope you know the real killer features would be password generation and Safari/app tie-ins.

Spotify needs to allow bookmarks for podcasts. I know it doesn't really fall in it's space, but just timestamps would be a huge help!

Just today I was talking about how if ever comes up with a x-platform manager, it'll blow everything else out the water, and then I discover Lockbox. Perfect timing!

Final test.

mic testing 2

Mic testing.

Good riddance to . I was never comfortable with the way Facebook just silently steals people's data, plus the app never actually worked for me 😜

Is that lightning I spy at Redmond side? That'd be a nice exciting change for Seattle area weather 😊

I'm running 1 book behind on my Goodreads year book reading challenge. Any light recommendations I can use to pad the numbers? 😂

People beta testing iOS 12 - does it work at all with Apple Watch Series Zero?