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Arco in California have a debut card only policy and then a 35 cent mandatory fee on top of that! What world are we living in?!

If Github were to go away today and you had the option to one time download all of your starred repos because you plan on using them someday, how much storage would you need?

If you type the word oled into iOS, sometimes it autocorrects to plex. Just saying.

How many people do a shadow follow on social media? You can’t show that you follow a person but you visit their profile ten times a day?

Thinking out loud - Can I install Ubuntu Touch on a Nox player on Windows?

Holy crabapples! I turned on Vacation Responder in gmail by mistake. The new interface is so shit, it took me forever to notice the weird notice at the top that it's on!!!

Something very weird is going on with my gmail. Emails are randomly getting forwarded. It’s like some automation is kicking in. Either gmail itself, or maybe Hop? Or maybe some other experiment doing weird things.

WhatsApp’s new touch and hold pop up menu is exactly what iOS’ menu should have looked like since ages! I hope Apple shamelessly steals it!

Jekyll themes are this amazing world unto themselves that I had never explored. It’s fun! 😊

Is it just me or is it the Mandela effect or is this Roomba teaming up with Google news actually old and just getting repeated? Almost seems like I’ve heard it long ago!