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This morning I saw a guy walk into a Starbucks and immediately walk out with a large Frappucino in his hand. Mobile order or Umbrella Man?

Can someone recommend a Linux news indie blogger? Someone who would cover the news about Red Hat acquiring CoreOS and has a decent RSS feed for their blog?

Just realized that "Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara" was a love story between Akshay Kumar's Shoaib and Imran Khan's Aslam. Very progressive movie!

I think I'm done with notifications on the Apple Watch. I use it as a regular watch, with fitness tracking nowadays. Removing notifications from Netflix and TOI will only improve battery life for me, I think.

lol. British news sites are so British that their pop up close option doesn't say "no thanks". It says "I'm OK thanks"! 😂

How long does it take after registering a new Windows computer to get a scam call from "Windows Admin" about 00c04fd7d062 from a number in Iowa?

Just finished watching The Fall. Reminds me of a quote from War and Peace - "where there's law, there's injustice".

I need a way to filter out certain topics that start with T in the Reuters app. No point watching nonsense news.

Am I missing something or does the new Firefox not have automatic page translation??

Dammit @Bose, why don't you join us all in the twentieth century and throw on an LCD on your SoundTouch series so we can at least see some status? Your stupid remote is frustrating!!!