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I need an easier way to upvote and downvote YouTube videos that I watch on my Apple TV. Some kind of a mobile app with quick buttons for voting. The iOS app needs you to play the vid to vote on it.

Is it just me or is Kindle app's page sync not working right now?

I've been changing my vulnerable passwords across services and I've come to realize how bad ppl are at password . One service only lets you do it through an app, one doesn't ask for the new password a second time, one has the old password input below the new inputs!

Men adjectivize colors. Women name them.

Is there a reader app for ? iOS has made me too used to that clean view!!

I... uh... published this post in 2014. Comments? ->

In a year or two, the app as an experiment will be considered a and will be shut down. YouTube will then bring good music player controls (video queuing, skip next etc) to their video app. Till then we suffer.

5 W wireless charging pad or 7.5 W wireless charging pad? What do folks use? Also, belkin or some other brand?

Uhhhh. Android still doesn't do automatic timezone based time? What is wrong with these people??

What's the first app you install on a new system? Used to be browser for me. Now it's 1password. I guess that's growth?