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What's this an emoji for? -> 🎴

Apple better be touting bigger batteries next year instead of thinner phones.

I deleted my work information from FB and now FB is like, "Hey, where do you work? Starbucks? Amazon? Microsoft? Infosys???" 😄 😄

Sandra and Woo's Gaia is seriously one of the best long-running webcomics I've read. I feel like compiling a list of all the webcomics I follow. Who wants to see it?

My went for a toss this morning and so my install stopped working. I wonder if there's a way to designate a fall-back DNS in iOS 10?'s in-app notification looks beautiful! Of course, it didn't work as I was in the in-app browser and that didn't want to close, but beautiful none-the-less!

It's amazing to me that Outlook push notifications reach my phone before they reach my laptop.

I wonder if Instagram will introduce a Medium-style "heart as much as you want" feature? It certainly sounds up their alley.

Starbuck's gift to me this winter - getting my name right in the first try 😄

One small Indian place opened in Mercer Island and packed up shop in 3 months. I guess that's the fate of Indian restaurants here?