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Stranger Things Season 3 feels like it’s written by Cory Doctorow.

Oh fish! A minute after reading Manton's post on simplifying m.b subscriptions, it seems the site has gone down!

Hmmm. 494 open tabs in mobile safari. This could not be causing any memory issues. Could it?

Current earworm - I want it that way by Backstreet Boys. Don't think I heard it anywhere yesterday. Don't know where I got it from. But stuck in my head since morning. Gah!

Hey Wiki people on here, can I faithfully replace Notion with twiki or somesuch? Self-host, but feature-full would be nice. Is it a matter or theming/plugins? Or a particular type of wiki?

Dear Sandeep Reddy Vanga, please burn every manuscript you’ve ever written. We normal humans don’t deserve your shit work on the national stage.

Like @gilest’s bwRSS feed (, are there any other fun secret RSS feeds out there?

FU twitter! Clicking on the name of a 3rd party app in a tweet goes to a twitter help page explaining ‘how to tweet’ instead of going to the 3rd party app page. Further, a link for ‘common 3rd party apps’ takes you to the twitter ads partners page.

You know that plastic pellet maker concept, which is going to be used to recycle plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Yeah, I need a mini version of that converter in my home. I think I’m done dumping plastic into ‘recycling’.

beta testers on the iPad Pro - there’s a silly bug in iOS12 where if you split the keyboard and then attach hardware keyboard, the password prompt-bar doesn’t show up when typing. Is this fixed?