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I'm running 1 book behind on my Goodreads year book reading challenge. Any light recommendations I can use to pad the numbers? 😂

People beta testing iOS 12 - does it work at all with Apple Watch Series Zero?

Just told my Google Home, "I am the noise" and it made a random noise. What is this magic?!

I've not even started looking at the keynote. What's up?

How large would a drone have to be to carry a single person hanging from it?

Idea from a friend - Google Duplex should call all restaurants and ask about Memorial Day timings and autoupdate Google Maps for the entire country.

It's time Apple let's Siri die and get replaced by services that actually work. Siri is just ruining our iPhone experience now.

I think I'll also update my privacy policy for all my friends.

I recently removed Disqus comments from my blog, because I want to go WordPress native. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Or maybe that just made it a viable target for hackers to scan? I've installed Securi to monitor my files. Let's see.

I found and removed a bunch of files and plugins which were clearly meant to give the hacker backdoor access to upload any files into my WordPress setup, though I still don't know *how* in the first place.