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Just finished watching The Fall. Reminds me of a quote from War and Peace - "where there's law, there's injustice".

I need a way to filter out certain topics that start with T in the Reuters app. No point watching nonsense news.

Am I missing something or does the new Firefox not have automatic page translation??

Dammit @Bose, why don't you join us all in the twentieth century and throw on an LCD on your SoundTouch series so we can at least see some status? Your stupid remote is frustrating!!!

I'd say the next thing in should be dynamic . As in, should be able to rescind a notification or modify it as things change.

I think WhatsApp's network got overloaded due to New Years calls. First time!

Finished my last book for 2017 last night. Will write something up about the reading challenge soon... 😊

BTW, now that it's proven that Apple slows down phones, whoever still says that apps shouldn't be closed to improve performance is an idiot.

I just did a google search and there were 9 results and no second page! 😱

I recently read some people complaining about people using hashtags on Instagram to write full sentences. Like . Those people should never go to this little site called tumblr. Like,