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Back in the 2009-2010 timeframe, I used to put up a lot of personal posts on my blog. For some reason, they were categorized as 'compilations' on my blog. I created a new category called 'memory' and moved all of them there. :)

Fedex gave me the option to give a 1 question survey at the end of my call. I couldn’t because a) the service was , b) the person didn’t cut the call so I could give the survey. Well done on customer service ! Not!

Test 3 "here"


I read that iOS 13 will bring a font manager to the iPad, and users won't have to use 'configuration profiles' to get fonts any more. What profiles? Also, what fonts are you folks using that suit the iPad better?

I'm sad. I finished reading Dark Forest by Cixin Liu and it's one of the most beautiful stories I've read. It's full of loss, hope and a terrible sense of the fate of humanity. But I'm sad because anything I read after this will pale in comparison.

Is there a out there to merge the content of two-three posts? I have related posts coming in from and I want to merge them to form a complete post. Manual process would be best.

Gmail on desktop has become a terrible, terrible experience - slow load, over-the-top animations and useless functionality. Does 15 years mean they'll end up destroying it before their 16th year?

Back in 2012, (I was still jailbreaking iOS 5]( JB'ing in iOS 12 is all but dead, but the replacement works just as well!