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YouTube being down shows how neglected rest of the video sites are. Trying to see Indian Instant Pot recipes and Facebook Video and Vimeo are coming up shamefully short. Oh well.

Watching a MacBook charging another through the USB-C ports. That this works is pretty brilliant!

Just completed a thousand hand typed posts on D1. Its one of the best tools I have for sanity and memory!

There was once a small town. It was sans sheriff.

I feel that services like Hulu should create some tech to binge-ize shows like Fixer Upper. There's a lot of TV-specific things in the show, like pre and post ad repeats. That needs to go to make the shows truly enjoyable. Totally doable with some smart software.

If Hurricane Michael is two mph short of being a Category 5 storm, shouldn’t it just _be_ called a Cat 5 storm for simplicity sake? Or maybe it’s time to grade things as Cat 4.9?

Wasn’t Google AMP supposed to get rid of terrible ads?’s pages load a terrible “Amazon winner” full page ad that captures the browser’s navigation.

Of course @Microsoft, you can totally ignore user and change my DESKTOP's power settings to Power Saver mode every time you update it. It definitely doesn't run on infinite power through a wall socket.

Hey @hulu did you just go down because Grey's Anatomy's new season launched today??

waaaait. homepage (without login) still doesn't show an array of popular current tweets and trends? @Jack, sleeping on the job, are we?