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Some airlines provide free WiFi for messaging apps (no pics). How about a serialized stories service that capitalizes on that?

If Apple still allowed apps to snoop at our phones and check which other apps are installed, Lyft and Uber could figure out who of us don’t have competitors’ apps installed and stop giving us deals.

Much as I like the convenient of notifications on the iOS lock screen, I want to get rid of them for a while in favor of a pristine experience. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to do this temporarily.

Took me a while to do it, but have updated the primary server to Ubuntu 16, php to 7.3, and mysql to 5.7... Feels good!

Why yes, I do have over ten thousand unread posts in my RSS feed reader. How many do you have?

In iOS, is there a way to reset notifications settings to default? I’m about to go do a grand experiment with notifications and want to know if I can roll back easily.

Three Eyed Raven Security Inc - we watch everything.

When did twitter web add an Add tweet button on their new tweet form? Nice to see they're embracing tweetstorms.

Is like a jupyter notebook for the web?!

Every few days, talking to someone, I end up mentioning @ZeroTier. It's one of those things that has revolutionized my life!