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You know that plastic pellet maker concept, which is going to be used to recycle plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Yeah, I need a mini version of that converter in my home. I think I’m done dumping plastic into ‘recycling’.

beta testers on the iPad Pro - there’s a silly bug in iOS12 where if you split the keyboard and then attach hardware keyboard, the password prompt-bar doesn’t show up when typing. Is this fixed?

All caught up with MooncakesComic and GaiaComic! Some powerful stories there!

Look at this word - 'cycle'

Really look at it. Can you believe that there's a 'y' in between two 'c's? It's pronounced sai-cull

What the heck is that 'y' doing there? I'm confused.

Discovered that much of the annoying sidebar video content comes from a service called brightcove. uBlock, zap that please.

domain blocked.

What would a CDC for privacy and cyber attacks look like? What would be it's primary role - to educate the public, or to white hat attack organizations to help secure consumer data? Or something else?

I want to report a tech issue (CSS) to but their contact us page doesn't have an email/form for their tech peeps. Is it common for news sites to not have a contact form about the platform itself?

GitHub Sponsor button linking to patreon.


TIL that homebrew is available on Ubuntu. TIAL I need it because I want vimpager/vimcat to read yaml files with color in command line thank you very much!

Sitting with a public WiFi and Dropbox is not working. What, you don’t trust your own encryption?